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Spaceman 6210C

Brand : Spaceman

 Single Flavor Counter Top - The Thinest & most Versatile Soft Serve Machine.




Spaceman 6235-C

Brand : Spaceman

Twin Twist Counter Top Soft Serve Machine


Brand : Spaceman

The Spaceman 6378-C is a  premium soft serve options for mid to high capacity

businesses that want to offer more variety on their dessert menu. Dual controls allow the operator

to independently manage settings for two different flavors. Great for ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato,

or sorbet, this model fits conveniently on the counter top and has two user-friendly digital control board to adjust settings as needed.  Hopper agitators stir product throughout the day, saving operator time and ensuring an even cool in the hopper.  Patented freezing technology on the 3.4qt cylinders means a super fast recovery time, producing roughly 720 small servings every hour.

Spaceman soft serve freezers have patented technology to prepare and freeze product faster and more efficiently than any competitor.  Spaceman’s revolutionary v2 beater and air system has reduced wearable parts by over 25% while improving product quality and overrun control.  The v2 beater and blade system scrape the cylinder walls better to ensure less ice build up, creating smoother, creamier product.  All the while, the v2 beater helix created a vacuum, pulling product through the air tube with precision product to air ratio.  The v2 beater and air tube system has been tested to hold overrun for a longer period of time than other gravity fed systems.